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Oat Foundry is a MET Certified Sign Shop – UL48 Standard

Shinola Picture Flap

Shinola Picture Flap

Split Flap Samsung KX

Samsung KX

BKON Storm Craft Brewer

Oat Foundry project

Nolita Hall Split Flap

Our Values

Build Cool Stuff

Build stuff that makes you proud and makes people say “cool”.

Give a damn

About the things you do, the people you impact, and your environment.

Grow purposefully

Take a deliberate approach to learn stuff that makes you smarter and happier.

Have Fun

Self Explanatory.

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Oat Foundry clients

Oat Foundry did a fantastic job. We were incredibly excited to have a Split Flap!

Doug Hamm | Creative House - Black Swan - Urban CA | President & Founder

Had it not been for such a detailed scoping up front and the planned and structured approach we had gone through with Oat Foundry, we probably wouldn’t have the product we have now.

Dean Vastardis | BKON | Co-CEO, Co-Founder

You guys were absolutely awesome! Thank you for all your support on this project!

Vanessa Rubio | Starbucks Latin America | Design Manager

Finding a group of engineers is easy, but finding honest guys that can problem solve, design, AND fabricate is extremely rare. They are a complete production chain.

Joe Nicolosi | DiNic's Roast Pork | Reading Terminal Market
Oat Foundry clients

Our Development Process

Our Process

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