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For Brands

Get noticed! We use LEDs, reclaimed wood, and a bevy of cool materials and technology to make signage or products that customers can’t help but notice.

For Designers

We use software like SolidWorks, Adobe Creative Suite, and others to develop your designs, communicate plans, fabricate to published drawings, and install the finished product.

For Architects

We interpret architectural drawings and bid on furniture, fixtures, and equipment. We develop and fabricate unique large scale installations.

For Marketing Agencies

Sometimes you need a tech-y and cool physical experience to reach people. Sometimes it’s a gadget to captivate their imagination. Let us help start the conversation. Let us help build it.

For Creative Directors

We take an idea of a physical way to communicate your company’s message and turn it into reality. If you’ve ever said, “It’d be REALLY cool if we could do…” let us fill in the blank with design and development to help you build your cool idea.

For Engineers

We have the tools to optimize, analyze, fabricate, or prototype your design. Or come up with an entirely new one with some design direction. We speak your language, and work to understand the focus of your project.

MET Certified Sign Shop – UL48 Standard: Safety for Electric Signs

BKON Storm Craft Brewer

Oat Foundry project

Nolita Hall Split Flap

Split Flap for Starbucks

Latte Launch

Screws Tightened
Grams of Plastic Printed
Beers Brewed
Hours of Laser Cutting
Welding Rods Used

Oat Foundry did a fantastic job. We were incredibly excited to have a Split Flap!

Doug Hamm | Creative House - Black Swan - Urban CA | President & Founder

Had it not been for such a detailed scoping up front and the planned and structured approach we had gone through with Oat Foundry, we probably wouldn’t have the product we have now.

Dean Vastardis | BKON | Co-CEO, Co-Founder

You guys were absolutely awesome! Thank you for all your support on this project!

Vanessa Rubio | Starbucks Latin America | Design Manager

Finding a group of engineers is easy, but finding honest guys that can problem solve, design, AND fabricate is extremely rare. They are a complete production chain.

Joe Nicolosi | DiNic's Roast Pork | Reading Terminal Market

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