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Who is Oat Foundry?

Oat Foundry is an agency of engineers that design and build all kinds of cool stuff for brands and companies. From Split Flap Displays, to industrialized cold brew plants — our team in Philadelphia is a fully capable engineering design studio in a prototyping and light scale manufacturing facility. We love building the first one and the first 500.

What We Do

Oat Foundry helps businesses develop intellectual property into real and unique products and machines as their boots-on-the-ground engineering design & fabrication team. From scoping to design to prototyping, safety and reliability certification and testing, and finally manufacturing ramp up; Oat Foundry is there to execute on-time and under budget with an agile personal team.

How We Do It

Phase I – Scoping & Planning

  • Define Scope of Work

  • Stakeholder Interviews / VOC

  • Establish Functional & Non-functional Requirements

  • Certification Research

  • Establish Objectives

  • Define Project Structure

Phase II – System Level Design, Prototyping, & Vendor Research

  • Mechanical Design (High Level)

  • Prototype At-Risk Components

  • Electrical Design

  • Software Design

  • Detail Design

  • Custom Component Bid Drawings

  • Design for Manufacture

Phase III – System Level Prototyping/Unit Fabrication

  • Proof-of-Concept Prototyping

  • Integrated Design Prototype Build

  • Establish Manufacturing Processes

  • Process Mapping

  • Vendor Assessment & Vetting

Phase IV – Testing & Certifications

  • Manufacturing Planning

  • External Certification & Testing

  • Redesign (as required)

  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance Strategy

Phase V – Pilot Program Fabrication

  • Establish Manufacturing Documentation

  • Setup Production workflow

  • Setup Supply Chain

  • Packaging Design

  • Shipping Logistics

How we got started

The old fashioned way. In 2013, we met, we worked as a team of six to design and build a prototype vending machine for a unique food application, and we realized the initial value proposition of the Oat Foundry was duly vetted. With such a large project under our belts, the comfort level and motivation to begin this venture as a unique engineering company resulted, and less than a month later, Oat Foundry was born. We have been growing in project scope and team size ever since.

Who We Work With

For Product Teams

Sometimes you need a prototype to test your concept in a pilot study. We are your squad of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers contemplating your problems, building your cool stuff, and supplementing your team. We have the tools in our shop to build anything. It’s what we love to do.

For Restaurants

We love building products that solve problems and no industry is on the front lines for innovation more than food-service. We love helping everyone from Chefs to Owner Operators automate and improve. You want to buy a product that does not yet exist? We can help create that product.

For Creative Directors

We take an idea of a physical way to communicate your company’s message and turn it into reality. If you’ve ever said, “It’d be REALLY cool if we could do…” let us fill in the blank with design and development to help you build your cool idea.

For Designers

We use software like SolidWorks, Adobe Creative Suite, and others to develop your designs, communicate plans, fabricate to published drawings, and install the finished product.

For Brands

Get noticed! We use photoeyes, LEDs, motors, reclaimed wood, and a bevy of cool materials and technology to make engaging installations and products that customers can’t help but notice.

For Engineers

We have the tools to optimize, analyze, fabricate, or prototype your design. Or come up with an entirely new one with some design direction. We speak your language, and work to understand the focus of your project.


Mark Kuhn

Sean Rossiter

Michael Courtney

Luc Tenthorey

John Halko IV

James Vescio

We’ve had the privilege to work with some awesome clients

Headquartered in Northeast Philly with a client base extending to the West Coast, Europe, and beyond, we’ve had the chance to work with clients from a wide range of industries, on a huge array of unique projects – all of them cool, all of them totally custom. We ship and travel nationally and internationally to bring our clients the Oat Foundry treatment, no matter where or when.



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