Who is Oat Foundry?


Oat Foundry is an award-winning agency of engineers that design and build all kinds of cool stuff for brands and companies. Electromechanical Stuff. Measurable and Interactive Stuff. Cool Stuff. Our engineering team creates products and installations in our design, prototyping, and manufacturing facility all under one roof in Philadelphia’s Frankford Arsenal.

Oat Foundry is a MET Certified Sign Shop – UL48 Standard


We are most known for our Split Flap Displays — the electromechanical, black-and-white satisfying clack-clack-clack signs we recreated from old train stations.
Our team creates these products and more for dozens of Fortune 500 companies like Starbucks, Google, American Airlines, Nestle; Super Bowl-winning NFL teams; and many other national brands in a wide range of industries. We call them “smart analog signage.”

Oat Foundry is more than that. We are a think tank, a shop, know-how, creativity, and love for understanding client/customer challenges and creating totally new products and experiences. What we do is build cool stuff.

How We Do It


We’re a team of engineers with a wide variety of core competencies, and when you work with Oat Foundry – you join our team. We’ll work with you every step of the way whether its developing a super cool new project or iterating an existing process. On day one, we’ll be researching, circulating ideas, and possibly breaking stuff to learn as quickly as possible. From there, we jump right into designing and building.


Headquartered in Philadelphia with a client base across North and Central America, Europe, Asia and beyond, we’ve had the privilege to work with national brands and local companies.

  • Agencies
  • Brands
  • Architects
  • Designers

We ship and install nationally and internationally to bring our clients the Oat Foundry treatment, no matter where or when. Check out some of our projects.

Why We Do It

Our mission is to build cool stuff.

Oat Foundry invents technology, products, and experiences for innovative brands. From scoping, to design, to prototyping, to testing, Oat Foundry is there to execute on-time and under budget with an agile team. We are passionate about our work and take pride in every project we complete.

Our values:


Build stuff that makes you proud and makes people say “cool”


About the things you do, the people you impact, and your environment


Take a deliberate approach to learn stuff that makes you smarter & happier



Our Shop


Opened in 1816 on land purchased by President James Madison, the Frankford Arsenal was the center of U.S. military small-arms ammunition design and development until its closure in 1977. Among the many other products manufactured at the arsenal were fire-control and range-finding instruments, and gauges for these components. Oat Foundry is among the first companies to move into the Arsenal and bring back American manufacturing to the great northeast.
Instead of munitions, we design, develop, and build cool stuff. Like Split Flap!


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    Address: 2275 Bridge St #208A Philadelphia PA 19137