Menus Change,

Your Decor Does Not

Our Split Flap Displays allow you to change messaging on the fly – from new menus and daily specials to quotes and announcements. Anyone can control our Split Flaps with ease.


Seamless Messaging, or “Menuing”

Put the markers and chalk down – Split Flap WebApp’s scheduling feature allows for automated messages 24/7, 365 day per year. Updated tap list? New vegan option? Add your new offerings swiftly right in WebApp on your phone, tablet or computer.

Fits in any atmosphere

Chic, Minimalist, Sports – you name it! Our Split Flap Displays fit into any design style – and illuminate each atmosphere in a flipping cool way. You know it will fit perfectly behind your bar or on that open wall you don’t know what to do with – so get inspired and check out some of our Split Flaps in bars & restaurants. 


It’s a POS Too

Not that POS! Our Split Flap Displays are easily integrated with your current Point of Sale system to get that “Drinks Up!” message throughout your bar quicker. Your guests will enjoy waiting for their drinks!

Engage with your patrons

Send one-off messages to your guests to make their experience that more welcoming! Our Split Flap WebApp allows for easy operation and control of your board for all your employees.

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