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12 Bones Brings Their Brand to Beer with an Oat Foundry Split Flap Display at New Brewery

Building  a Brand

12 Bones Smokehouse began as an unassuming cinder block shack in Asheville, North Carolina. But with savory, mouth-watering barbeque and witty signage reading ‘Tender Butts and Sweet Racks,’ it quickly evolved into a national treasure that attracted the likes of the Obamas as well as hundreds of customers a day.

Following the success of their Smokehouse, 12 Bones decided to expand into beer using the same recipe for success: good offerings and creative signage. At their new brewery positioned next to a railroad, they wanted to incorporate dynamic signage that connects customers to both their brand and the area– as they had done in their smokehouse years before.

12 bones brewing
12 bones brewing
12 bones brewing Split Flap_2
Split Flap module_4

Signs of the boozy times


Custom-built in Oat Foundry’s Philadelphia-based shop, the Split Flap features flaps that showcase 12 Bones’ signature hearts, logo, and ‘flaming hop’ images. Situated above the bar, the display rotates with custom messages and news of drafts on tap.

In addition to engaging visitors, the display frequently appears on 12 Bones’ social media pages as an advertising device. Since the company relies heavily on Instagram, the split flap perfectly complements their marketing strategy, providing a fun way to update followers on developments. They have filled their social feeds with videos of the flaps clacking and changing.


12 bones brewing_4
12 bones brewing_5
12 bones brewing_3

In action

From the owners

“We wanted to create a comfortable, chill space where we (ourselves) would like to hang out and relax. We don’t take ourselves too seriously (thus the funny beer names and goofy puns). The beer names are nearly all inside jokes or have fun origin stories from within 12 Bones, a great cause for people asking the story behind them. We use the split flap sign for puns, quotes, and other awesome silliness…”


-Bryan & Angela King, 12 Bones

12bones brewing Split Flap

Have some fun with a split flap display


Oat Foundry’s Split Flap Displays allow brands to express themselves in a dynamic way with a unique, instantly-updatable canvas. Reach out to us to learn about how we can customize a split flap for your business.

If you would like to learn more about Split Flap displays, contact us.

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