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2020 yule log

A Crowd-Sourced Backdrop For A Socially-Distant Holiday

Share a greeting or air your grievances — there’s always room by the fire!

We created 2020 Yule Log to give everyone a socially-distant way to celebrate the upcoming holidays. It’s got everything you’d expect from a Yule Log— the crackling fire, the snow outside— with one twist: a real Split Flap that you can send messages to for free.

Many of us will miss out on spending the holiday season with our families and friends. Some look at this as a nightmare, others… look at it as a blessing. The 2020 Yule Log is a place where you can send a greeting to loved ones or finally let your mother-in-law know how you really feel.

No matter what it is, 2020 Yule Log is the place to share it!

How can I participate?

  1. Visit 

  2. Type your message on the board

  3. Fill out the name and email prompts 

  4. Add your message to the queue OR choose Quick Flip to see your message sooner

  5. Watch the live stream to view your message and see what others are saying this holiday season!

*If you choose Quick Flip, for $3 you’ll be added to our priority queue and receive an email to notify you when your message is about to be displayed.

**Each message you send to the Split Flap will be captured as a GIF and shared with you via email.

Here are some of our favorite messages so far!

Check out to send your message today!