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Ajit D’Brass

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Role: Account Manager

Personal Project: Working on Classic Cars

About Ajit

Ajit joined our team in late 2021 as Oat Foundry’s first Account Manager. His day-to-day responsibilities include working with our new and existing clients on everything from Split Flap and Picture Flap support to instruction on how to utilize our products to their full potential. Prior to joining our team, Ajit worked in the casting and foundry industry helping manufacturers implement simulation tools in their product design cycles. When Ajit is out of the shop he enjoys getting lost in Philadelphia and vinyl record hunting – he says he’s an amateur automobile builder too. His passion for wandering drives him to explore other countries and cultures – he finds value in exploring things that bring people together regardless of background, color, or creed. Ajit’s approachable personality and technical background make him the perfect fit to mold our new Account Manager position.

DIY Ajit’s recent favorites

DIY Ajit’s recent favorites

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