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SXSW Activation Restores Faith in Banking

Changing The Way You Bank


In today’s economy, it’s hard to describe banking institutions and the internet as “trustworthy.” Capital One sought to change that at their interactive experience at South by Southwest. Mirror Show Management, a woman-owned business, partnered with Capital One to create a display inside Antone’s, a historic music venue in Austin, TX, that would captivate patrons at their SXSW activation.

Capital One SXSW Display
Credit (Geoff Duncan – @geoffduncan)
Credit (Capital One)

Not Your Father’s Bank


Capital One sought to create an experience that celebrated future-forward thinking and showcased their product evolutions. What better way to accomplish this than to invite patrons to a banking branch of the future? Mirror Show Management took over the historic music venue in downtown Austin to exhibit an interactive experience and introduce the latest and greatest in online banking security.

Meet Eno


After discovering that more than 80% of Americans were concerned about their ability to protect their credit and debit information online, Capital One developed Eno, an intelligent assistant designed to provide Capital One cardholders with greater control and security. Staying true to a warm and welcoming environment, Eno was introduced to SXSW patrons through an interactive Split Flap Display.

Capital One Eno Split Flap Display

Split Flap in action

Capital One Split Flap Display

Changing the Conversation

Oat Foundry was excited to collaborate with Mirror Show Management and Capital One to create an exciting and engaging platform for conversation. Visitors were polled about their banking habits and the results were displayed on a 6R x 32C Split Flap rental we provided. Our team was asked to use an MQTT protocol, an ISO standard publish-subscribe-based messaging procedure that works on top of the TCP/IP protocol. Typically, these are designed for connections with remote locations where a “small code footprint” is required or the network bandwidth is limited, making it ideal for Capital One’s set up at SXSW. MQTT enabled the Split Flap to update instantaneously from a data source – in this case, the split second you press something on the touchscreen the split flap updates from data being pushed to it.

Capital One Eno Split Flap Display

Split Flap Display Rentals & Installations

This customer experience strategy was immensely successful for Capital One. It was a pleasure to work with Mirror Show to help change the way customers think about banking, and an honor to assist both companies in winning the Gold Experience Design Award for Best Trade Show Exhibit under 50’ x 50’.

Oat Foundry is proud to offer Split Flap rentals that meet the specific needs of branded partnerships like that of Capital One and Mirror Show Management. If you’re interested in renting a Split Flap for your own experience, contact us.

If you would like to learn more about Split Flap displays, contact us.

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