Capital One Banks on a mixture of Analog and Digital to Stand out at Identiverse


Identiverse, the premiere trade show and conference for the digital identity industry, attracts thousands of attendees each June. This year Capital One showed up at the show as more than just a sponsor: they came with identity verification solutions of their own.

Capital One wanted to drive attention to their new product, Confyrm, an online identity authentication solution built in-house. Although the product launch is undoubtedly big, the booth space was not; the design team had one 8’ tall x 20’ long wall to work with to tell their story – forcing them to find a way to make a major impact within a small surface area.

Identiverse conference
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With little space and a big mission, they knew they had to create perfect ‘wow’ moment – one that would entice attendees to take a closer look at their new product, while also telling their brand story. That’s how they came upon Oat Foundry, who was able to deliver the versatile, eye-catching element that Capital One was looking for with a Split Flap display.


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A Word from the Designers

“The display was a home run for us. It allowed us to keep the overall visuals simple while getting a bunch of different messages out there. We were also able to program screens to show the dates and times that Capital One associates were giving talks, which helped drive traffic to those. As we were setting up and programming the display, folks from other booths were constantly walking over to check it out.”

– Senior Creative Team, Capital One


The Split Flap display perfectly outfitted the small space, serving as a simple yet visual centerpiece. The Split Flap, reminiscent of the flickerboards of the early 20th century, worked both as a design element as well as a means to communicate practical information.

Using the display to demonstrate customers’ trust in the brand, the Split Flap clacked continuously on the show floor with the number of customers, in the millions, that Capital One continues to serve. The display was also programmed to showcase the dates and times that Capital One associates were delivering presentations, helping to drive traffic to events.

Throughout the show, attendees stood transfixed as the display’s flaps clacked and turned to form new messages – creating a moment of magic that a digital screen could not.

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