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Dylan Roberts – Production Associate

By January 26, 2022January 12th, 2023No Comments

Dylan Roberts

Production Associate

Started: 2021, Assembly Technician
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hobby: Mountain Biking
Food: Curry
Drink: Espresso Tonic
Decade: 2020’s
Project: Strudel House
Plant: Cactus
Quote: “I feel like people are expecting me to fail, therefore, I expect myself to win.” – Lewis Hamilton

About Dylan

Dylan joined our team in October 2021 as one of our Assembly Technicians – putting the hands into hand-crafted. He found his way to building analog tech through jobs in restaurant management and social media marketing positions giving him exceptional interpersonal and time management skills. His day-to-day in the shop consists of carefully assembling our Split Flaps with the utmost attention to detail ensuring a high-quality product. When he’s away from the shop he entertains himself by traveling, cooking, riding motorcycles, and building custom mechanical keyboards. He loves curating all the right components and assembling something visually striking and unique – no wonder he enjoys building Split Flap Displays! Dylan has brought a positive vibe into the office through his kindness and urge to build cool stuff making him a key part of our production team behind the flaps. Connect with Dylan here!