Elmhurst Split Flap Rental Makes a Splash at the Natural Products Expo

Strive to Stand Out

The Natural Products Expo, the world’s premier trade show for the organic and healthy products industry, brings together thousands of brands, buyers, entrepreneurs, investors and experts from around the world. But with over 1,500 brands on display, it’s a challenge for companies like Elmhurst 1925 to stand out against their competition on the show floor.

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Elmhurst 1925 Split Flap

Back to the Beginning

Steeped in history, Elmhurst originally started as a dairy company in 1925. Fast forward to present day and they are now an innovative, clean-label nut milk company that stays true to their simple origins. For this year’s Natural Products Expo East at the Baltimore Convention Center, Elmhurst 1925 wanted to step up their game and create a cohesive booth display that would seamlessly fuse eye-catching technology with their back-to-roots branding. To fulfill their branding goals, they enlisted agency Humid Creative, who recommended that they source an attention-grabbing Split Flap Display from Oat Foundry.

Split Flap Display Rental in Action

Knowing that Oat Foundry regularly rents a selection of their most popular Split Flap display sizes — like 1Rx16C, 3Rx15C, 3Rx24C and 6Rx32C — Humid Creative connected with Oat Foundry to rent a 3Rx24C Split Flap to serve as a key piece in Elmhurst 1925’s strategic booth design. Like all Split Flap rentals, the display came equipped with the same capabilities as a customized Split Flap, and arrived fully built and ready for Elmhurst 1925 to wow the crowd.

At this year’s Natural Products Expo, the Split Flap display sat front and center in the Elmhurst 1925 booth, displaying a quote that rang true to their brand roots. The addition of the display not only incorporated a unique element to their booth design, but it also ensured that they stood out against the thousands of brands and companies on display at the exposition.

3R x 24C Split Flap at tradeshow booth

Idea to Reality

Make Your Booth a Success!

Elmhurst Split Flap Rental can be repeated by any company! Split Flap Displays are an ideal way to help your business stand apart from the competition. Oat Foundry is happy to help you draw attention to your booth, and connect visitors to your brand like never before. Reserve a Split Flap Display today by clicking here!

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