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Geoff DiMasi – Sales Representative

By May 21, 2024No Comments

Geoff DiMasi

Sales Representative

Started: 2024, Sales Representative
Hometown: Ocean Township, New Jersey
Hobby: Trying New Things
Food: Vic’s Pizza (Bradley Beach)
Drink: Rye Old Fashioned
Decade: 1990’s
Project: Nolita Hall
Artist: James Turrell
Quote: “We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.” – Vince Lombardi


About Geoff


Geoff joined Oat Foundry in 2024 with a wealth of experience, overseeing projects, fostering community engagement, and ensuring seamless production processes. Previously, he founded and ran companies like P’unk Ave, founded the pioneering coworking space Indy Hall, and taught Multimedia at UArts. He currently teaches a product design course at Penn, showcasing his diverse skill set and dedication to education.

Outside the office, Geoff stays active with hobbies like swimming, boogie boarding, playing ultimate, reading, biking, running, and he is up for any game (board or otherwise)! Recently, he has taken to long-distance running, participating in events like the Broad Street Run and the Philadelphia Half Marathon. He also supports his kids in their pursuits, from theater and music to sports. Geoff’s diverse culinary tastes include any type of taco, Vic’s Pizza, and fresh summer tomatoes from his garden.

Passionate about art and music, Geoff admires James Turrell and enjoys bands like the Flaming Lips and local Philly artists. Committed to community and creativity, he works to make his neighborhood a vibrant place for connection. Described as optimistic and straightforward, Geoff’s dynamic personality makes him a perfect fit for our team.