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Charles Hussey

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Role: Hardware Engineer

Recent Project: Revamping our Split Flap WebApp

About Charles

Charles joined Oat Foundry as a summer intern in 2018. He was born in England, grew up in Chicago, and has been living in Philadelphia since attending college at UPenn. Prior to joining our team, he worked as a seasonal lifeguard throughout high school and held an internship with a telematics company after his freshman year of college. Charles’ day-to-day involves a mix of software and hardware, but most recently he’s been revamping our WebApp. He spends his time away from the shop playing video games and reading epic fantasy (he recommends Sanderson, Jordan, and Erikson). His passion for video games and experience in software development drives his interest to develop a game of his own – something better than the Asteroid clone he wrote in MATLAB during college. Charles brings a relaxed, curious, and intelligent personality to our team, making him a key asset to developing Oat Foundry behind the flaps.

DIY Charles’ Recent Favorites

DIY Charles’ Recent Favorites

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