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Chris Novak – Assembly Supervisor

By February 18, 2021August 9th, 2022No Comments

Chris Novak

Assembly Supervisor

Started: 2019, Assembly Technician
Hometown: Lawrence, New Jersey
Hobby: Knife Making
Food: Pizza
Drink: Old Fashioned
Decade: 2010’s
Project: Human Managed
Activity: Sitting on an Empty Bench
Quote: “whether you think you can or think you cant, you’re right.”

About Chris

Chris joined our team in 2019 as Assembly Supervisor. His day-to-day in the shop consists of overseeing all backend operations of our Split Flap and Picture Flap displays – from inventory to distribution. Before his current position, he worked as a bar-tender, Project Administrator, and Systems Analyst but does not hesitate to say Oat Foundry tops them all. Chris’s hands-on expertise sprouts from his past jobs, and his passion for knifemaking. Check out his sharp designs on Instagram here! When he’s not building cool stuff with us or at home, you can find him training in martial arts or strumming a tune on his guitar. Chris is a true product of creativity – delivering an essential foundation for our production and assembly process behind the flaps.