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Jim Vescio

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Role: Manufacturing Lead

Latest Projects: Eagles Fast BoxFace ShieldsSplit Flap Install for Samsung


About Jim

Jim Vescio is one of the original 6 founders of Oat Foundry. Since 2013, he has worked on projects that have made it to the sideline of the Philadelphia Eagles and even launched into space. Jim spends his time outside of Oat Foundry working on antique motorcycles and cars from the 1920 through 1950 eras. His passion for preserving nostalgic pieces of history doesn’t stop when he leaves work. Jim started his manufacturing career as an Automotive Engineer and has since devoted his time to building Oat Foundry into a company that builds cool stuff with his five other partners from Drexel. As Oat Foundry’s manufacturing lead, all designs for manufacture pass through Jim, ensuring not only that each assembly functions harmoniously, but that the design is simple and cheap to manufacture. If it can be built, Jim knows how.

DIY Jim’s recent favorites

DIY Jim’s recent favorites

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