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Kristy Nicolo

Hometown: Hebron, Connecticut
Role: Sales Director
Recent Project: Wedding planning for September 2021

About Kristy

Kristy joined Oat Foundry in September 2020, handling all Split Flap and Picture Flap inquiries as Sales Director. She grew up in the small, woodsy town of Hebron, Connecticut; a town with less than 10,000 people and just two stoplights that blink yellow after 8 pm. Surrounded by farms, she quickly developed a passion for horses, riding competitively through college. Kristy now spends most of her time away from the shop enjoying seasonal activities outdoors whether it be hiking, snowboarding, or exploring with her rescue pup. Kristy has worked in several positions in the restaurant industry which is where she gets her determined and boisterous personality from. During this time she took a special interest in wine, fascinated by the rich history and agricultural roots. She has also worked in the sports industry for years as a coach for gymnastics and youth competitive cheerleading teams. Kristy’s intuition from these past experiences has quickly made her a valuable asset to Oat Foundry’s sales team.

DIY Kristy’s recent favorites

DIY Kristy’s recent favorites

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