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Luc Tenthorey

Hometown: Durham, Connecticut

Role: Director of R&D

Personal Project: Planning Poi classes to teach at circus and festival events

Luc with 1 of his 2 cats, Devi

About Luc

They say you can visually see how old Oat Foundry is just by looking at the length of Luc’s hair. Prior to co-founding our company back in 2013, he worked as both an R&D lab engineer for the U.S. Army and a legacy repair engineer at Pratt & Whitney Aviation. Luc is passionate about engaging with people and experiences, learning from the new perspectives others can bring to a team. He’s a cat-person, fantasy series fanatic, flow arts practitioner (spinning poi!) who above all else, loves making and playing with fire. Luc is a hands-on learner that likes to get dirty, whether it’s in the garden or in our shop. Taking our products and services from the first sketch to the final product would not be possible without Luc Tenthorey.

DIY Luc’s Recent Favorites

DIY Luc’s Recent Favorites

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