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Mike Courtney

Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey

Role: IT Architect and Founder

Personal Project: Installation of new lighting at home

About Mike

Mike is one of the original founders of Oat Foundry. Prior to acquiring his co-founder title, Mike worked for a CAD company in a Navy yard, engineered CH-47’s with Boeing, and engineered custom refrigeration at a small Bensalem firm. As Oat Foundry’s lead IT Architect, Mike continuously progresses our goals and values through the use of technology. Whether it’s adding to the Split Flap software suite, building a website from scratch, or running a month-long Livestream, Mike is your guy. He spends his free time hanging out with his daughter and releasing his inner Gordon Ramsay on the grill while jamming to classical, electronic, or movie scores (throw a sprinkle of sea shanties in there too). Mike’s interests and experiences have shaped him into a core asset behind the flaps.

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