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Sean Rossiter – President & Cofounder

By September 1, 2020August 9th, 2022No Comments

Sean Rossiter

President & Co-Founder

Started: 2013, President & Co-Founder
Hometown: Somerton, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hobby: Hiking, Running, Playing with Dog, Traveling
Food: Fried Chicken
Drink: Fiege Pils
Decade: 1960’s for Music, 1990’s for Tech
Project: LA Philharmonic
Artist: M.C. Escher or Pierrer-Auguste Renoir
Quote: “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

About Sean

With an innate interest in art and mathematics, Sean followed a path toward engineering. Ultimately, after graduating from Drexel University with a focus in Mechanical Engineering and with experience in the aerospace, consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries, he came upon a unique opportunity to co-found Oat Foundry. His curiosity, forthrightness, and altruism have assisted in building Oat Foundry into a company of purposeful innovation. Sean’s passions lie in Philadelphia whether he is playing hockey, skating, admiring art, or following the latest tech trends in the industry. He spends his free time refinishing 100-year-old floors and laying bricks in his three-story row home revival project in Kensington; the finish line is finally in sight. All in all, Sean is an invaluable asset to Oat Foundry, always questioning how and why things are done; asking the hard questions, and giving harder truths in the pursuit of a better product. Connect with Sean Here!