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Philadelphia Becomes a Destination


Philadelphia is a bustling city brimming with food, culture, and history. Center City has slowly transformed over the years to include every kind of necessity one could want, making it a hot-spot for tourists and locals alike. From five-star dining options (or restaurants) to luxury hotels, the city of Philadelphia has become a destination where you can celebrate history in modern and exciting ways.

Franklin Hotel Philadelphia
Franklin Hotel Philadelphia

Updating a Piece of History


Marriott International purchased the former Omni Hotel property, located at Independence Park on 4th and Chestnut, and sought to breathe new life into the space with a complete rebrand. The hotel, just steps away from historical landmarks like the Liberty Bell and National Constitution Center, was set to transform into The Franklin Hotel at Independence Park. Marriott wanted to modernize the hotel without losing the Old City charm it embodied. Collaborating with the renowned Campion Platt, a multi-million dollar renovation ensued.

Modernizing, with Nostalgia


Unlike other hotels that streamline the way their lobbies and rooms look across the nation, Marriott sought to reflect the location of the Renaissance rather than the brand itself. To achieve this, guest rooms were modernized with decorative elements handcrafted by local Philadelphia artists. The main lobby was designed to reflect the historic Elfreth’s Alley and anchored by a 100-foot graffiti wall done by local artist Dan Murphy so that it embodied the rich history of the city in a culturally relevant way.

Franklin Hotel Bar Philadelphia
Working Split Flap Display

The Split Flap Build


A 3R x 8C Split Flap Display nostalgic of Old City Philadelphia, greets guests with inspiring quotes and captivating quips. One of the hotel’s restaurants features portraits of Benjamin Franklin’s five mistresses created with pixilated $100 bills. Together with Platt, Marriott succeeded in manifesting an urban feel throughout the hotel. In this way, Marriott created a totally unique, immersive experience that celebrated everything that makes Philadelphia a destination.

Split Flap supports rebranding efforts.

Oat Foundry is proud to offer Split Flap displays that meet the needs of a rebrand, no matter what the scope. It was an honor to work with the likes of design guru Campion Platt and the team at Marriott Hotels. If you’re interested in a Split Flap for your redesign, rebrand, or new construction, please reach out to us.

Photos courtesy of Marriott International

campion platt

“The hotel guests simply love the piece. It’s a huge hit!”

-Campion Platt

Owner, Campion Platt

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