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La Colombe x Oat Foundry Pillow Fort

When was the last time you built a pillow fort? The pillow fort has been a staple in living rooms across the globe for decades.

We collaborated with local Philly favorite, La Colombe Coffee, to design a pillow fort fit for an indoor adventure. Get creative, collaborate with your roommates, your children, and your spouses to build an epic indoor getaway.

Put on a pot of coffee, gather your blankets and couch cushions, and build your next livingroom getaway.


Adults may find this process of building and playing in a pillow fort extremely fun. Inner childhood imagination may be sparked.

  • Always use your imagination

  • Never say no to a design until you try it

  • Always involve everyone around you

  • Always make sure supports are sturdy

  • Blankets are totally allowed to be a roof

  • If it collapses, you’ll be fine. It’s a Pillow fort

Try the following to make the most of your indoor adventure



The Scout’s Tent is a take on the American hiking classic. A rope tied to two trees with a large sheet evenly split across it.

Build A Pillow Fort_6


  • Foundation

    • 2x Couch cushions

  • Roof

    • 1x Large bed sheet

  • Atmosphere

    • 3x House plants

  • Structure

    • 2x Chairs

    • 1x Rope

    • 6x Books

  • General

    • Tape measure

Build A Pillow Fort_5


  • If no rope is available, you can roll up another sheet into a makeshift rope.

  • Use books or other heavy items to add extra support to the chairs.


  1. Place the chairs 8 feet apart.

  2. Place one textbook on each chair.

  3. Place couch cushions on the floor between the two chairs.

  4. Securely tie the rope to the top of the chairs.

  5. Place the large bedsheet on top of the rope.

  6. Spread out each corner of the large bed sheet on the floor.

  7. Place one textbook on each corner of the large bedsheet.

  8. Place house plant A and B at one end of the tent.

Build A Pillow Fort_4
Build A Pillow Fort_3
Build A Pillow Fort_2
Build A Pillow Fort_1


Now that you have your fort, all you need is some snacks to go with it. 

If you will be staying the night, be sure to pack enough of your favorite La Colombe Cold Brew for the morning, granola bars as a snack, your favorite book for bedtime, and a flashlight to see in the dark. 

Send us your version of the Scout’s Tent! Instagram: @oatfoundrybuilds

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