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Welcome to the Block Party


Jameson is an Irish whiskey native to Dublin, but it’s a liquor that has matured in neighborhood bars across the United States. Whether you’re drinking it neat or sharing a pickle back with your friends, the brand has become synonymous with the people, places, and things that we’ve come to love about our neighborhoods. Jameson wanted to celebrate those bonds and memories in an exciting, nostalgic way.

Jameson LoveThyNeighborhood Austin


By collaborating with Legacy, an experiential marketing agency, Jameson was able to capture the essence of a classic neighborhood block party through their #LoveThyNeighborhood campaign. In addition to celebrating the aspects that make each United States’ neighborhoods unique, Jameson sought to spread awareness about Keep America Beautiful, an organization that aims to inspire and educate members of a community to take action in beautifying their environment.

The first of their kind, these mock-block parties were centered around a beer garden experience in neighborhoods from San Diego to Nashville and Austin. Guests were invited to enjoy street food, unique Jameson Barrel Aged craft beers from their Drinking Buddies program, and live music by Jameson Music artists.

A Hint of Nostalgia


To truly capture that nostalgic feeling, Legacy Marketing rented a 3R x 24C Clacker Board from Oat Foundry for the #LoveThyNeighborhood events. The Split Flap was on stage at two locations of the tour – Nashville, TN and Austin, TX – and was used to announce the artists that were performing. At the end of each show, the Split Flap display revealed the next location. (i.e “up next, Texas!”)

clacker board

Experience the Party

A Helping Hand


The Oat Foundry team was on site for the Nashville rental installation. After our arrival in “Music City,” we traveled to the venue and began installing and training event staff. The install went smoothly and in only 1/2-hour, brand representatives were able to control the display without any help from us!

The Split Flap display was on an outdoor stage, which is typically a no-no for us, but it all worked out fine! The display worked without issue throughout the event despite mild winds and the vibration of the speakers.

Jameson LoveThyNeighborhood Split Flap Display

Split Flap Display Rentals

Our Split Flap helped to capture the essence of nostalgia at Jameson’s #LoveThyNeighborhood events. Locals in attendance and brand representatives alike have helped Jameson reach their goals, continuing to scale their business and give back to the communities of America.

Oat Foundry is proud to offer Split Flap Displays that meet the specific needs of brand activation companies and experiential marketing firms like Jameson and Legacy. Our team offers on-site Split Flap installation, no matter the location.  If you’re interested in Split Flap for your own unique experience, contact us.

If you would like to learn more about Split Flap displays, contact us.

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