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Krystal Shannon – Director of Brand Marketing and Strategy

By July 26, 2021January 12th, 2023No Comments

Krystal Shannon

Director of Brand Marketing and Strategy

Started: 2021, Director of Brand Marketing and Strategy
Hometown: South Portland, Maine
Hobby: Traveling
Food: Pier Fries and Bill’s Pizza
Drink: Rum and Coke
Decade: 1990’s
Project: Broken Records
TV Show: Stranger Things
Quote: “You may outthink me, but you will never outwork me.” – Anonymous

About Krystal

Krystal joined Oat Foundry in May 2021 as Director of Brand Marketing and Strategy. She grew up in South Portland, Maine, and attended Shippensburg University for their Entrepreneurship Program in Marketing. Prior to leading our marketing team, Krystal developed her marketing expertise through starting and running her own Digital Marketing company that specialized in social media monetization and growth and leading a team of Paid Media specialists for over 18 brands. Her past experiences have turned her into the easy-going, clever, generous, and hard-working personality she emulates each day in the office. She spends her time away from the office going to the nearest beaches and lakes for some R&R, plays sports, builds legos, and spends time with her family and two pups – Chesterton and Benjamin Franklin. She’s also a very competitive Monopoly player – we now know where her drive to generate business comes from! In her first month on our team, she has been optimizing and catapulting our digital marketing efforts into success – quickly becoming a key component behind the flaps. Connect with Krystal here!