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Lauren Hill – Production Associate

By May 2, 2024No Comments

Lauren Hill

Production Associate

Started: 2024, Production Associate
Hometown: Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Hobby: Ceramics & Camping
Food: Family Recipe Cherry Pie
Drink: Margarita
Decade: 1980’s
Project: Crust & Crumb
Artist: Jessica Stoller
Quote: “I usually solve problems by letting them devour me.” – Franz Kafka


About Lauren

Lauren joined our team at Oat Foundry as a Production Associate in April of 2024 – diving headfirst into our latest project, Crust & Crumb. With her roots in Downingtown, PA, Lauren brings a homemade touch to everything she does, her favorite being her family’s cherished cherry pie recipe.

In her role, Lauren is instrumental in the day-to-day operations, ensuring that every aspect of production runs smoothly. When she’s not at work, Lauren’s creative spirit shines through in her passion for ceramics, molding clay into beautiful creations, and her love for the great outdoors, often spending her free time camping under the stars.

Prior to joining Oat Foundry, Lauren explored various paths, including screen printing and wiring lighting fixtures, each experience contributing to her diverse skill set and friendly demeanor. Described as funny, friendly, and a pleasure to have around, Lauren adds a vibrant energy to our team. With her infectious enthusiasm and dedication, Lauren is the perfect addition to our production team, infusing every project with creativity and a personal touch.