Moxy Chattanooga Hotel Revives Local History & Engages its Guests with an Old School Split Flap Display

A New Kind of Hospitality

Moxy Hotels prides itself on being different. To start, guests at the millennial-focused hospitality brand check-in at the bar instead of a standard counter, and receive a complimentary cocktail while doing so.

Featuring larger-than-average common spaces, the hotel encourages guests to spend more time in the lobby, and less time in their individual rooms. Referring to their common space as “a living room with a bartender,” patrons enjoy eating, drinking, socializing, napping, and posting on social media – together.

When designing Moxy Chattanooga in Chattanooga, Tennessee, management wanted to create a lobby that not only gives millennials the fun, engaging experience that the brand is known for, but also connects them with the city’s history. In short, they wanted to create a unique memory for travelers that can only be had in Chattanooga at the Moxy.

Moxy Chattanooga Old School Split Flap Display
Moxy Chattanooga Old School Split Flap Display
Moxy Chattanooga Old School Split Flap Display

Building on Local Heritage

Located next to railroad tracks and featuring a yellow railcar converted into an outdoor bar, Moxy Chattanooga designed the entire hotel with a modern spin on its railroad-rich history. To do so, they needed a standout showcase design element that would effectively tie in the old with the new and give travelers all the more reason to hang out in the lobby.

That addition was a 6 row by 24 column Oat Foundry Split Flap Display – a modern take on the old train station displays of the past. The display creates an element of anticipation as the flaps turn – like those felt by 20th-century station train travelers – captivating the new generation of guests and making for the perfect “Instagrammable” moment. The new Split Flap Display showcases greetings to groups, info about local events, and any other information.

Moxy Chattanooga Split Flap

Setting Itself Apart

By integrating the Split Flap Display into their lobby design, Moxy Chattanooga has differentiated themselves not just from other hotels, but from other Moxy hotels across the country, all while paying homage to its location.

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