At 9:15 am on November 29th…

At 9:15 am on November 29th, local media outlet Billy Penn tweeted an article by Michaela Winberg. The article stated that Amtrak’s 30th Street Station would be saying goodbye to the famous clackety-clack sign that shows train arrival and departure times.

Whyy’s Radio Times Coverage

As public support to stop the removal grew, other outlets began to pick up the story and spread the word. “The news that Amtrak will replace the board this year has created a wave of nostalgia for the good old days of “analog” signs. Those lamenting the change also point to the board’s distinctive sound that travelers have come to depend on for updated travel information. Marty Moss-Coane starts off the episode by talking about the tug between the 30th Street sign, technology and aesthetics with Philadelphia Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron and Mark Kuhn, CEO of Oat Foundry, a Philadelphia firm that manufactures similar boards. We’ll also hear from Congressman Brendan Boyle, who spoke with Amtrak’s CEO about the removal of the sign.”

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*Credit Whyy Radio Times

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Philadelphians Pitch In

As word spread about the removal of the Split Flap from 30th Street Station, Philadelphians began to express their love for the display. Memories of past vacations with family and new age fan art spread throughout social media.

Credit: @ackbartrap
Credit: @alexkuhnart

Oat Foundry Steps Up

As a local company founded by Philadelphia natives, we too have memories of the clacking sound as we rushed to catch our train. As a leading manufacturer of Split Flap displays, we stepped up and made an official statement to Amtrak that we could replace the old board with a new one that meets all of the modern ADA and connectivity needs.

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