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Sid Tangara

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Role: Assembly Technician

Personal Project: T-Shirt Graphic Design

About Sid

Sid joined the team in September 2021 as one of our Assembly Technicians. Prior to joining Oat Foundry, he worked in the restaurant industry – where his hands-on experience comes from. Sid spends his time away from the shop working on his graphic design skills and coming up with new graphics for T-Shirts as his side-gig. Sid is passionate about watching tv while he drinks his favorite cocktail and eats his favorite meal, Jack & Coke and stir fry. Sid describes himself as reserved and lowkey – but we know he doesn’t hesitate to crack a joke where he sees fit. Sid’s background and personal activities have given him a meticulous and consistent work ethic – the perfect fit for building our analog tech.

DIY Sid’s recent favorites

DIY Sid’s recent favorites

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