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Suzy Cohen – Production Associate

By August 25, 2021November 17th, 2022No Comments

Suzy Cohen

Production Associate

Started: 2021, Assembly Technician
Hometown: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Hobby: Woodworking, Writing
Food: Cheesecake
Drink: Angry Orchard
Decade: 2170’s, much cooler fashion
Project: KPOD
Musician: Paramore
Quote: “There’s room for a lot in this world and if you have a whole planet of carpenters, then nothing gets done. You need a bit of everything and you’re fine.” – Caduceus Clay

About Suzy

Suzy joined our team as Assembly Technician in August 2021 – finding her way to Oat Foundry through jobs in the pet hospitality, warehouse, shipping & receiving, and antique vinyl record digitization industries. Her attention to detail and hands-on background has provided our team with the perfect prospect to build our Split Flap and Picture Flap Displays. Away from the shop, Suzy spends her free time playing guitar to her favorite indie and alternative artists like The Japanese House, Paramore, PVRIS, and Muna – some of the top 2k bands. Suzy also enjoys solving puzzles and reading SciFi and Fantasy Novels when she wants to turn the amp down. Suzy is passionate about Professional Women’s Soccer, Space, cats, and traveling – she’s already made it to 30 states and plans to see all 50! Suzy’s background, activities, and passions have built her into the dedicated, resourceful, and dependable attitude she projects in the shop each day.