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We recently showed off our Split Flap Display in Austin, Texas at the SXSW trade show and at the TwitchxReddit event.  Below is a bit more about our experience at the trade show and some of the cool stuff that went on down at the Twitch x Reddit live stream.

At the Booth

On the trade show floor Oat Foundry showcased some of the cool interactive tech that the Split Flap is capable of – interactive messaging via a webapp controlled by your phone and API integration, this time from hometown transit company SEPTA.  Passersby were treated to the catchy click-clack sounds of the flaps while their custom messages splashed across the board sent directly from the screen of their phone.  Esteemed guests like Philly’s own Mayor Kenney and Fox Sports 1’s Katie Nolan stopped by to check out how the split flap works.

Twitch x Reddit Event

Twitch and Reddit partnered to create a four-day live Ask Me Anything experience at SXSW and Oat Foundry was there to help show the questions in a nostalgic, all-new way.  Key speakers at the event were the co-founder of Reddit himself, Alexis Ohanian, the mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, National Geographic Partners, Founder & CEO, Ingrid Vanderveldt – EBW2020, Founder of the Intercept – Jeremy Scahill, Actor & Activist – Adrian Grenier, and Hip-Hop icon Grand Master Flash.  Our Split Flap displayed all of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything questions and unique up-vote/down-vote statistics from Reddit’s site during the Twitch livestream – providing a unique take on keeping up with the questions that come up during a typical AMA event.

After the week long event of showing off some of Oat Foundry’s latest integrated tech and bringing a bit of nostalgia to SXSW, the team headed back to Philly to get cracking on some more Split Flaps coming to a place near you, along with some other cool stuff you should be on the lookout for in the future.

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