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Thomas Bulzacchelli – Photographer & Marketing Coordinator

By October 28, 2021January 12th, 2023No Comments

Thomas Bulzacchelli

Photographer & Marketing Coordinator

Started: 2019, Photography Intern
Hometown: Branchburg, New Jersey
Hobby: Photographing with Point and Shoot
Food: Birria Tacos
Drink: Gin & Tonic
Decade: 1990’s
Project: Kit Kat Chocolatory
Photographers: Diane Arbus & Cindy Sherman
Quote: “Never be afraid to be kicked in the teeth. Let the blood and the bruises define your legacy.” – Stefani Germanotta

About Thomas

Thomas interned with us during his time at Drexel University to complete his fall Co-op requirement – now with a degree in hand, he’s officially a full-time member of our team. Prior to Oat Foundry, he built his resume through working as a lifeguard, boutique supermarket team member and various projects as a Freelance Photographer. His day-to-day in the shop consists of shooting and editing new content as well as managing our social media channels from Instagram to Youtube. Thomas enjoys seasonal activities whether it’s rollerblading in the summer or swapping the wheels for planks as he is a big skier in the winter. When he’s not blading or skiing, he enjoys running around the city, finding new thrift shops, and visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Thomas has a passion for traveling to find different people, places, and things to shoot. He describes himself as Empathetic, Adventurous, Genuine, Bubbly – four qualities that are represented in the work he produces. Thomas has quickly established himself as a key asset and addition to our team – we’re thrilled to have him back!