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Six Ways a Vintage Split Flap Display can Benefit your Hospitality Design Project

1. Engage Guests’ Senses

The Vintage Split Flap Display is a great way to engage guests with special welcome messages.  The clacking sound draws the attention of our senses and improves the guest’s first impression of the space.

The first impression is everything in hospitality, don’t fall short.

With the launch of the Hotel Revival in Baltimore, the owners aimed to strike a balance between the neighborhood’s historic architecture and modern charm. In order to make the hotel’s opening as grand as possible, the design team enlisted Oat Foundry to build a 3Rx16C Split Flap. The display supported the aesthetic of the new Revival Hotel and acts as an informational board for guests. With info such as the weather forecast, thought-provoking quotes, and event notifications. In the end, the Revival brought their Split Flap display to life, naming it ‘Vernon’ and having it serve as a 24/7 receptionist and a constant source of entertainment for guests. Read more about the project here.

Hotel Revival Split Flap Display
Baltimore Revival Hotel (actual guest video)

2. Blend Nostalgia and Branding

Designers can use the Split Flap display to add a unique, nostalgic element to the design. Because Vintage Split Flaps are customizable,  fonts and colors can be added to perfectly blend the nostalgic look with the current look and feel of any brand.

Nestled within Wrigley Field, “the Park at Wrigley” offers a beautiful open-air destination for farmers markets, community events, festivals, and dining. The Lucky Dorr taproom within the Park recently underwent a renovation. During the overhaul, they sought to incorporate a nostalgic way to display the beers on tap. The designer called on Oat Foundry to install a 3Rx32C Split Flap display with a custom font and colored plaid flaps that tie into the logo and branding of the bar itself. The new display ensures that the design within the space adds an element of nostalgia, but still portrays a cohesive brand message. Read more about the project here.

Old School Train board
lucky dorr split flap display

3. Tasteful Promotional Messaging

Let the vintage Split Flap greet visitors and help convert them into future guests. Hotels are often frequented by visitors that may be staying at another location. The unappealing glow of digital screens is standard and unattractive, meaning the promotional message may never get across. While rotating through welcome messages and quotes, the display can show the occasion tasteful invite to the new passerby.

vintage split flap moxy nooga
(actual guest photo)

4. Transport Guests to a Foreign Destination

Though internationally known, vintage Split Flap displays are synonymous with Italian design and European train stations. Split Flap can play a key role as the centerpiece of a space. By focusing attention on Split Flap and complimenting European style with other design elements, guests will be fully immersed in a European vibe, regardless of their location.

The owners of Nolita Hall knew they wanted the design of the space to be rooted in modern and traditional European drinking emporiums with a particular keenness for Italian design.  They sought a unique element that made a statement to guests, unlike anything anyone in the San Diego area had ever seen in Little Italy. To do this, the design team enlisted the help of Oat Foundry to create a 10Rx32C Split Flap display that perfectly fit Nolita’s open-air, European feel. Adding in another unique aspect to the massive display, they engaged Oat Foundry’s programming services to create a custom Flight Tracker API that pulls data about planes landing in San Diego and displays the flight information on the board at the precise moment that the plane is flying overhead. Talk about making a statement! Read more about the project here.

(actual guest photo)

5. Resurrect a Different Era

Beef and Liberty incorporated a vintage Split Flap display to create an atmosphere that transports guests to a simpler, more relaxed time. With roots revival spreading from music to interior design, brands are looking for elements that can help appeal to the past. Whether it’s the analog 1920’s or pre-digital 70’s, the vintage Split Flap is perfect for incorporating in revival spaces.

Old School Train station board

6. Highlight the Brand’s Roots

A Split Flap display can add an old-school feel to the design of the space, which is optimal if the company or brand is rooted in the railway industry, was founded during the time of its popularity, or simply has its own traditional vibe.

selfie with Split flap sun valley

To keep up with the ever-changing demands of various visitor demographic, Sun Valley, North America’s original ski resort, updated their main lodge and developed a new restaurant – Village Station. Since Sun Valley’s opening in 1936, visitor’s traveled through the Wood River Valley by rail, taking in the scenic route on their way to the destination resort. Enter the Old School Train Display Board! To tie in with this story and highlight the resort’s history, a 6Rx24C Oat Foundry Split Flap was installed to display friendly messages about happy hours, as well as custom messages requested by guests. Read more about the project here.

If you would like to learn more about a vintage Split Flap Board for your project, contact us.

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