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Oat Foundry helps Weckerly’s scoop shop meet ice cream sandwich demand

One Scoop, two scoop, three scoop, more

Located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, Weckerly’s family-owned micro-creamery specializes in small-batch French-style ice cream made from local dairy and produce, and is known best for their unique handmade ice cream sandwiches. Expanding from the back of a small Philadelphia cafe to their own brick-and-mortar shop in just four short years, Weckerly’s Ice Cream has become a local Philadelphia hot-spot.

Weckerly's ice cream

A growing demand

Weckerly’s was cutting every sandwich by hand, and quickly realized that their current system for ice cream sandwich production couldn’t keep up with their increasing demand. Recognizing their need for a more economic mechanism that would allow them to cut sandwiches faster and more accurately, the team reached out to Oat Foundry to get their engineering expertise on the best machine for the job.

weckerlys ice cream sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwiches on Fork Yeah

Fork Yeah: Weckerly's Ice Cream Sandwiches

This is a black & white cookie in ice cream sandwich form:

Posted by Thrillist on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sourcing a solution

To begin the procurement process, Oat Foundry worked with Weckerly’s team to gauge their needs by reviewing production metrics and assessing what the specs of the machine would need to be based on their 350-square-foot shop and production requirements.

weckerlys ice cream_3
weckerlys ice cream_4

Finding the perfect fit

Once those guidelines were established, Oat Foundry then began exploring available technology; from existing machine cutting solutions. Possible solutions included ultrasonic blades to create heat to help ease the cutting process, and more. Oat Foundry evaluated the information gathered from their assessment of Weckerly’s to source the best solution for the shops needs. Following their research, Oat Foundry presented Weckerly’s with their findings to finalize a machine for their space and begin sourcing vendors. To ensure problem-free production, Oat Foundry tested systems prior to making their decision.

Keep on Scoopin’

To improve their ice cream sandwich production, Oat Foundry provided Weckerly’s with a mechanical system that not only fit the physical needs of their Fishtown scoop shop, but also helps them to finally hit their desired production mark over 2,000+ per week. Now, Weckerly’s has the ability to serve more ice cream sandwiches to local Philadelphians than ever before.

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