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Cannabis Systems Integration

As your business expands, your growing, extraction, and dosing systems require further development to supply the demand for your products. Our engineering team works to find and implement new systems to operate in tandem with your current process all while maintaining the quality and integrity of your products.

We can help you with the following:

1: Programming

Program Grow Controls, Extraction Controls, and Dosing Controls.

2: Hardware

Program Logic Controllers and Hardware Replacements (if needed)

3: Improvement

Modify and Improvement to Grow, Extraction, and Dosing Processes and Systems.

4: Implementation

Implement New Systems to Work in Tandem With Old or Custom Built Systems.


    Meet Josh!

    Josh is Oat Foundry’s head of business development and will work with you on the first consultation to understand the current road map for growth.

    Interested in cannabis automation? I’m here to help!

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    We Build Cool Stuff

    At Oat Foundry, we are focused on building cool stuff for the world to enjoy. Over the past 7 years, we have built technology for clients in various industries. Our specialty is the blend of physical and digital – when the two worlds need to work in harmony, you can turn to us. Let’s build cool stuff together! Learn more about us here.

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