product development services


At Oat Foundry, we’re experts at turning nothing into something. We’re proud to serve as a local expert in machining and metal working. Whether you’ve started a project that’s out of your scope or you don’t know where to begin executing an idea you’ve been toying with in your head, Oat Foundry can step in to help you bring your idea to life. Companies and individuals have utilized our capabilities to assist in the development of:



Metal Turning (Lathes)


CNC Machining


Metal Working

TIG Welding

MIG Welding

Laser Cutting

Metal Bending

Water Jet Cutting

Finishing – Painting, Polishing, Aged Finishing

We’ve become known for building cool stuff. Our team of bright, talented engineers has the skill set and tools to optimize, analyze, fabricate, or prototype your design. We speak your language, working to understand the focus of your project, no matter what the scope. Whether you have a great idea but lack the equipment to produce it or you’ve already started production and you’ve hit a road block – Oat Foundry can help.

custom fabrication services

We’re familiar with a variety of software including SolidWorks and Adobe Creative Suite and can develop your designs, communicate plans, fabricate to published drawings, and install a finished product based on your needs.

Check out some of the machining and metal working projects we’ve worked on previously:


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