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Whether you’re a creative genius unsure of which step to take first or you’ve started a project that requires more equipment than you thought, Oat Foundry can serve as your electrical design support system. From engineers working out of basements to nationally recognized architects, Oat Foundry has helped countless parties with their electrical design needs.

  • Connected Device Design

  • PCB Design & Fabrication

  • Motor Controls

  • Custom Lighting Modulation

  • UL Listing

  • Electrical Prototyping (Breadboard)

No matter what the scale of your electrical design may be, we can help you develop your design into a working model. We’re an extension of your team that provides you with flexible solutions to your design speed bumps.

At Oat Foundry we’re dedicated to building cool stuff. Our team of talented engineers possess the skill set and equipment to optimize, analyze, fabricate, or prototype your electrical design. We’re versatile and accept electrical design projects from across the world. Our team will work to understand the focus of your project and steer it towards success, no matter the complexity. 

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