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Talks at Oat Foundry

Nuno Rosa, VERO MODA India

Join us at the Masters of World-class Design and Innovation with Nuno Rosa and discover his vast international work experience in Visual Merchandising, that has been part of his life within a flamboyant and elegant style that so well identify him. From Lacoste to Mango, C&A and Bell & Ross the knowledge piles up and the drive to achieve new challenges rises up with the desire to explore more in the name of Retail.

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September 10th 2020 at 12pm ET.

    About Nuno Rosa

    Masters of World-class Design Innovation Webinar

    With more than 26 years ‘hands-on’ upon international market expertise, Nuno Rosa is a highly tenacious and creative solution-business driven leader, with work achieved in three Continents as United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Portugal the U.K and his currently based in Mumbai, India leading and directing the Visual Merchandising Department for VERO MODA looking also upon the Ecommerce Styling side to achieved a national language when it comes to the brand image and standards achieved over the last 5 years since he arrived in India. Nuno has a vast and solid understanding of Brand DNA, visual brand presentation with a 360° approach upon planogram implementation of product display, has created exclusive and premium decor display areas for numerous Press Preview and seasonal events of the brands associated, along with the design and implementation of several window concepts during the last years.

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    Nuno’s Work

    Past events

    Masters of World-class Design Innovation Webinar

    This is a review of the webinar hosted on 7/2/20. During this virtual Q&A session, Beth Cohen and Giovanni Zaccariello, VP of Global Visual Experience at COACH, discussed the design principles and the future of visual merchandising. Below is a video recording of the entire webinar with the host’s and guest’s questions. Feel free to share the video and be sure to sign up for the next Talk at Oat Foundry!

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