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Click, Click, Play.


Stop struggling with oversized queue cards and ditch those flimsy posterboards that your team can’t read out on the field. The Fast Box is the fastest and easiest way to communicate with your team from the sidelines. Using the dials, select up to four characters to display, then press Go! The Fast Box will instantly show your play calls in a font that is legible from over 100 feet.


Fast Box in Action



The concept of the Fast Box is pretty simple. A flip-disc display is supported within a weatherproof carbon-fiber case. The sign is handheld and controlled by a set of dials. Turn the dials to the characters you want to display, then hit the “Send” button to update the display. A small light indicator will confirm that your message was successfully sent. The flip-discs will turn to show the characters you selected in a black font on a yellow background for high visibility. If you’re low on batteries, the light indicator will let you know. Simply put in some new AA batteries and you’ll be ready for another 100 hours of play-calling.

“I LOVE the interface and controls!”

– Jon Ferrari, VP of Football Operations, Philadelphia Eagles

Made in Philly


Each Fast Box is built by hand for your team. Oat Foundry’s engineers design and manufacture most of the parts at our shop in Philadelphia — from cutting the carbon fiber case to creating the PCBs. This allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality control.



17″ H x 19″ W x 3.5″ D

Easy to use

Anyone can operate the sign, it requires under 10 minutes of training.

Battery powered

Fast Box uses standard AA batteries and lasts up to 100 hours.

No Wifi

No Wifi is needed. The Fast Box is ready to go at any time, any where.


The game doesn’t stop for weather, neither does Fast Box.


Under 10 lbs.

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