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Lucas Kosmynka

Hometown: Long Island, New York

Role: Creative Content Coordinator

Personal Project: Growing Personal Instagram

About Lucas

Lucas joined our team in February 2021 as Creative Content Coordinator. Prior to Oat Foundry, he built his resume through work in Real Estate Videography and various projects as a Freelance Videographer. His day-to-day in the shop consists of writing scripts and shot sequences, editing content, and shooting videos for our growing YouTube channel. Lucas produced his first video, “Can You Play Tetris on a Split Flap?” and has quickly established his expertise behind a lens being featured in an article by Hackaday. Outside of the office, Lucas spends his time DJing and playing 9-Ball whenever possible. His passion for creativity sprouts from his mission to produce meaningful, enjoyable, and perspective-changing content from behind a camera. He’s most proud of his piece “you matter.” – a film for suicide and mental health awareness. He describes himself as: Visionary, Ethical, and Ambitious – three qualities that are represented in the work he produces. Lucas has quickly established himself as a key asset and addition to our team.

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