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Unforgettable Stay

Hotels are a home away from home for travelers. After their stay, they remember the good times they had in the new place they explored. A Split Flap brings a surprise and delight element into their temporary home and gives them an experience upon arrival, departure and everything in between.

Split Flap for Hotels

Promote Your City

An automated way to display happenings in your city – Split Flap WebApp’s scheduling feature allows for automated messages 24/7, 365 day per year. Nearby parking? New brunch spot? Add local points of interest, offerings, and information swiftly right in WebApp on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Wayfinding Signage

Give your guests a warm welcome and directions to their suite with a Split Flap! Our MQTT software at The Rand Building allows guests to interact with a Split Flap for directions to their rooms and suites – there’s nothing like knowing exactly where to go in a brand new location!

Create an experience

We offer a range of Split Flap software integrations from video games to real-time weather and local events. Our real-time integrations take the hands-off messaging to another level – giving your hotel an interactive element right in your lobby. Nothing like a personalized itinerary in a foreign place!

Fits in any atmosphere

Chic, Minimalist, Modern – you name it! Our Split Flap Displays fit into any design style – and illuminate each atmosphere in a flipping cool way. You know it will fit perfectly behind your receptionist or on that open wall you don’t know what to do with – so get inspired and check out our portfolio of Split Flaps in hotels.

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Kristy Oat Foundry Split Flap

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