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Why Oat Foundry?

Brands, Companies, and Entrepreneurs come to Oat Foundry with problems they need to solve. We’re a company that helps solve those problems by designing and building machines. When vendors in the space make you conform to their products, we’re here to design custom solutions for your business.

Industrial + Concept Design

We sketch concept ideas to quickly externalize thoughts and investigate on paper before we build in the real world. These include studies of appearance and proportion as well as reference interactions with living creatures (nearly always humans) — we then finish digitally and assume two major revisions.

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Design + Development

There are many facets to design development: from hardware breadboarding and PCB creation, to finding the right motors and getting them to turn safely at just the right speed, to creating clean and fast software. For many projects, we use a waterfall style of project management. Oat Foundry uses a pantheon of ever-changing design software and prototyping platforms at our fully capable production shop in Philadelphia.

Mechanical Design

Oat Foundry extrapolates lessons from our proof-of-concept prototypes in Discovery and translates them into 3D Solidworks assemblies complete with hardware. Engineers specify major off-the-shelf and custom components in a Bill-of-Materials. The devil is in the details with any kind of engineering design — this stage has a heavy procurement research component to determine every last thread pitch. The result of this process is a series of well thought-out, prototyped and proven CAD files for fabrication. Learn more about our mechanical design process.

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Our Design Process Applied

dean vastardis

I was impressed with Oat Foundry’s ability to come up with a solution due to the variety of core competencies they have in-house. It makes such a significant difference to have everything in-house and having a constant direct line of communications with their team.

-Dean Vastardis, CEO BKON

Project Scenario

An experiential agency designing a space comes to Oat Foundry and asks for a hanging rotating steel mobile. This requires a motor with specific power, torque, and safety requirements in volume at attractive pricing. Before designing a motor from scratch, Oat Foundry engineers determined it was better and more cost-effective to specify an existing motor from a reputable manufacturer.


Oat Foundry has a lot of capabilities and just some of them are detailed further below. We’re excited to work with your project using some or all of these skills!

Learn more about our capabilities


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