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Your Cannabis Recommendation Engine


Take the pain out of finding a strain. We’re in the beginning stages of rolling up (out) cannabis legalization across North America – research states only 12% of Americans identify as current users. With more than 75% of the population identifying as non-users, there is much to educate about using Cannabis – so we built Mellowtron. Mellowtron is an interactive way to find the perfect strain for all users whether it’s their first dispensary trip or their thousandth visit. A Cannabis Recommendation Engine like Mellowtron helps close the gap for common cannabis inexperience.


Mellowtron in Action



The concept of Mellowtron is pretty simple. A retro synthesizer-inspired cannabis recommendation engine – pretty straightforward forward right? Mellowtron is actually a very complex piece of equipment for dispensaries as it uses a range of buttons and dials to find your perfect strain. Each piece of hardware on Mellowtron has an important function: dials control your desired mood while the buttons control your desired consumption method. Mellowtron is powered by Budboard™ Software – a database of thousands of different cannabis strains and consumption methods. This software is intricate enough to link with your real-time stock and POS system, only displaying strains that are available to your customer at that time. Once a user selects their desired mood, the strain is displayed on a Split Flap and in QR code form – allowing your customers to take their results with them.


“Oat Foundry makes that magical Mellowtron machine, coolest invention on the planet!”

– Bea Sonnendecker, Founder & Co-Chair, Vaco/ACG Denver


Made in Philly


Each Mellowtron is built by hand for your dispensary. Oat Foundry’s team of engineers design and manufacture our products at our shop in Philadelphia — from designing the look and feel to creating the PCBs – this allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality control.



14″ L x 22″ W & all under 15 lbs.

Easy to use

Mellowtron’s intuitive design provides new customers with cannabis education and recommendations.

Recommendation Speed

Receive your cannabis recommendation in milliseconds.

Wireless Connection

Mellowtron wirelessly connects to your Split Flap/TV.

Old School Design

Inspired by audio synthesizers that your favorite bands used in the ’80s.

Wire & Battery Powered

Mellowtron has a plug-in and rechargeable battery option.



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