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The Interactive Recommendation Engine

Introducing: The Algorithm.

This retro synthesizer-inspired design is the coolest way to shop. Behind the sleek design and vibrant LEDs is a lot of power.  The user slides the faders and selects a category via one of the buttons. The software analyzes those preferences to recommend the best product available, based on your curated inventory.


The Algorithm in Action



Each Algorithm board is somewhat unique and curated to your business.

In general, the interactive steps for the user are the same:

1. Input your preferences using the sliders.
This is essentially a scale.  As an example:  “Not Spicy” to “Burn my Mouth”

2. Select a category from one of six buttons

3. Collect your results!
The personalized recommendation will appear on the paired Split Flap as well as on a QR code, as a takeaway to save for later.


Case Study: Marriott


For the 2023 Tales of the Cocktail event in New Orleans, our team provided The Algorithm for personalized cocktail recommendations.  Guests would input their drink taste preferences, such as sweetness, bitterness, and sourness, using the sliding faders. Then they selected a base liquor for their drink using one of the six buttons.  The recommended cocktail immediately displayed on their 7 row x 24 column rental Split Flap display behind the bar.

For this particular event, the bartenders received each Algorithm submission. In addition to the cocktail recommendation on the sign, the Split Flap also showed the Bay number for where to collect your prepared cocktail.


Endless Applications


The Algorithm is a personalized recommendation engine. It can recommend anything from cannabis to cocktails to vacation destinations. If you have a set of 10-50+ options or products, we can help design a personalized algorithm just for your customers.


Made in Philly


Each board is built by hand for your business. Oat Foundry’s team of engineers design and manufacture our products at our shop in Philadelphia — from designing the look and feel to creating the PCBs. This allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality control.

Behind the scenes, we’re also taking your product inventory and pairing that with the recommendation settings.





9″ L x 18.5″ W & all under 8 lbs.

Easy to use

The intuitive design provides new customers with product education and recommendations.

Recommendation Speed

Receive your personalized recommendation in milliseconds.

Wireless Connection

 The Algorithm wirelessly connects to your Split Flap.

Old School Design

Inspired by audio synthesizers that your favorite bands used in the ’80s.


Wire & Battery Powered

Ships with a plug-in and rechargeable battery option.

Reach Out to Us!

Clicking the button below to submit a request. We’ll be in touch shortly and we look forward to getting started on your interactive project.