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Kinetic Graphic Art

Picture Flap is the perfect combination of beautiful visuals and captivating motion. The sign makes a subtle sound while flipping (not as loud as our Split Flap displays). The result is truly mesmerizing. Each sign ships with 25 animation options to further dazzle viewers with your kinetic art.

Our Picture Flap displays are built by hand at our shop in Philadelphia using high-quality and long-lasting materials. Every display is unique, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Get in touch today to discuss a Picture Flap for your exhibit, event, gift shop, visitor center, or lobby.


Printing Capabilities

Our Picture Flap signs are fully customizable – from the art to module layout and functionality. We print each flap (front and back) with your personalized designs, at the highest quality – up to 600 DPI. To date, we’ve printed a wide variety of art styles including photos, drawings, vectors, logos, flat colors, and other graphic styles.

Read more about our art selection process >> 


Visual Storytelling

Through a 20-flap series, Picture Flap can tell your story. The rotating and flipping of the signage helps with the overall impact. The speed and style with which you rotate from one artboard to another is fully within your control via our software package. Picture Flaps ship with about 25 pre-programmed animation sequences, with customizable speed settings.

Print a QR code to share more details about your artwork. For best results, we recommend one module for printing a QR code, not across the entire sign.


Get Inspired

We know the art printing process is important to our clients. Click below for more info about the recommended file settings for printing, minimum file sizes, layout ideas, and more. If you’d like to test out some art formatting for your project, let us know and we can provide a template to get started.

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Let’s Work Together

Our dedicated sales reps are happy to help with renders so you can get a sense of how the finished product will look.