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Split Flap Features on Netflix’s The Chef Show

Netflix’s The Chef Show is an American television show hosted by Jon Favreau and Roy Choi who explore restaurants throughout the United States in search of new and exciting recipes. The show first aired in 2019 and has since made its way to produce a second season. Season 2 Episode 1 opens with a unique, yet delighting sight of an Oat Foundry Split Flap in Milk Bar’s Los Angeles Flagship location. On the board is seen flipping through on-brand messages such as, “Life is too short to worry about how many cookies you ate”.


Milk Bar is a chain of bakeries that offers everything from tasty pastries to towering cakes. Since 2008 Milk Bar has opened 9 locations in New York City and has expanded to major cities such as: Toronto, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Now employing around 400 people, the chain of bakeries has made their way onto American television.


The Milk Bar needed a way to set their new Los Angeles location apart from the rest. Their team developed the brand’s first-ever Milk Bar Lab, an experience center that operates as an educational test kitchen to host baking classes and experiment with new recipes for customers to taste. In developing the design of the lab, the store designer knew that they wanted to incorporate a sign that would serve as a unique interactive menu for classes and events. After some research, they decided that an old-school Split Flap Display from Oat Foundry would really be the icing on the cake.


Sitting on the wall of their Milk Bar Lab, the Split Flap display rotates a number of fun on-brand Milk Bar sayings, like “I seriously love you,” and once the lab is ready to open, it’s updated with a “Class is in Session” message and then the complete menu is displayed for the day.


Check out the episode on Netflix today!