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Environmental Branding that Pops

As we shift into a digital world, it becomes harder and harder to put a face on a brand. Conveying this physical presence can be done with a screen, but building a presence that sticks and stands out is easier with an analog display. Picture Flap utilizes analog technology and digital control to bring your brand to life through sound and motion.

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Use case: Shinola

Shinola’s Picture Flap showcases an analog version of their Holiday Collection with products that will encourage customers to spread the joy of quality this holiday season. The Display gives Shinola the capability of highlighting those top giftable items, including Monopoly®: Shinola Detroit Edition, leather goods in Navigator, and the Shinola Monster Automatic Collection in a more compelling way. Read about it here!

Everlasting Pizazz

Our Picture Flaps “replace, refresh, and recycle” abilities, allow for easy updates to office atmospheres and rebrands while staying green. Each flap is easily removed and replaced with up to thirty new additions to the board by simply snapping each into place – much easier than finding new wall art. Once the flaps are replaced, the old flaps have the ability to be recycled.


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