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Surprise and Delight,

Again and Again

Our Split Flap Displays provide offices with a flipping cool way to welcome guests, clients, and employees into your brand’s home base. Split Flap compliments offices in all business sectors – there’s nothing like the sound of subtle click clacks in the morning!

Google learning center split flap
Office Split Flap
Office Split Flap

Handsfree Welcome

Skip the greeting at the door! Let the Split Flap do the talking! Split Flap WebApp’s scheduling feature allows for automated greetings and messages 24/7, 365 days per year. 10 o’clock meeting? Schedule a greeting. The only thing WebApp can’t control is when your clients or guests show up late…

It’s a Ticker Too!

Or Split Flap Displays easily integrate real-time information like share prices, sales statistics, news, and more! And for the more “fun” offices out there – like ours of course – we offer everything from real-time sports scores to Reddit feeds. Business happens on the fly, so show it off in a flipping cool way!

Split Flap for Hotels

Engage with your team

Our WebApp is capable of sending messages to and from your team in the office or guests at your next networking event – midday motivation never looked cooler! Our WebApp interface is 100% customizable so you can brand it as your own and let anyone send messages to the board – works great for telling the interns to brew another pot!

It’s Timeless

Our Split Flap Displays fit in well in any company industry or office style – the tie between retro analog and modern technology illuminates the beauty between nostalgia and tech innovation. A Split Flap looks great everywhere from Pittsburgh Steel Mills to Silicon Valley Tech Hubs!

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Kristy Oat Foundry Split Flap

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