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Unforgettable Installation

Interactive art not only entertains spectators but engulfs them in a unique participatory and immersive experience. Picture Flap turns static images and graphics into flipping phenomenons. Picture Flap breaks the motionless monotony by captivating attention through its audiovisual experience.

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Use case: We Vote


During election season, we co-hosted the We Vote Art Contest to promote the vote with a Picture Flap. We displayed thirty different designs ranging from paintings, photographs, sketches, and vector images. With the board set up in La Colombe in Fishtown, we asked the public to vote for their favorite piece. Read about it here!

Fit every Image on the board!

Every flap can be printed with a different image or text. Perfect for fitting the best items for this season’s catalog or the latest additions to your gallery. Up to thirty high-resolution images can be printed across the entire display or a single image can be printed on each individual module to form a collage. So, go ahead, get creative!


Test Your Ideas

Click the button below to be redirected to the Picture Flap inspiration deck. In this, you’ll find in-depth specs, inspiration, and design details. This is great for sharing with clients.

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