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How will you stand out?


Tradeshow floors, pop-ups, and activations are plagued by LED screens. Guests are used to screens and no longer impressed by a brand video playing on a loop. Displaying information using analog technology brings a unique touch that captivates guests as they pass by.

The Oat Foundry Picture Flap

Picture flap_3

A truly memorable piece with the convenience and access of digital control.

How it works


The Display has a cloud-based messaging interface so you can send your custom messages from anywhere in the world – manually or autonomously. The web app was built from the ground up with the Picture Flap in mind, so each of the thousands of parts work in harmony once you press “Send” on your message.

 Captivate Foot Traffic

Picture Flap Display

Show off the brand

Every flap can be printed with a different image or text. Perfect for fitting the best items for a specific activation. Up to thirty high-resolution images can be printed across the entire display or a single image can be printed on each individual module to form a collage. So, go ahead, get creative!

The Facts


Global Shipping

We ship Picture Flap worldwide and will arrange all shipping for you. With experience in international shipping, we’ll ensure that the display arrives on-time and ready to go.



Picture Flap is completely modular, meaning nearly any size and orientation is possible.


Replaceable flaps

When the fashion collection and marketing material changes, no problem! Flaps can be replaced to update the images on the display.


(any orientation is possible using this as a base size)

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