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Say goodbye to static vinyls and banners – bring your graphic images to life. Picture Flap attracts attention with motion and sound. It’s ideal for retail spaces, art installations, lobbies, museums, and more. The Picture Flap displays are designed as modular 1′ x 1′ (30 cm x 30 cm) units and can be combined to form any size or orientation. Whether you want to make a 10-foot tall column or fill a 20’ wall, Picture Flaps modules can fit any orientation.

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Inspiration Doc


Click the button below to be redirected to the Picture Flap inspiration deck. In this, you’ll find in-depth specs, inspiration, and design details. This is great for sharing with clients.


    A truly memorable piece with the convenience and access of digital control.

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    Use Cases


    Interactive Art


    Offices & Lobbies



     Captivate with Motion

    Designed and Built in Philadelphia

    Every Picture Flap Display is built by hand for your specific project. Oat Foundry’s team of engineers design every Picture Flap at our shop in Philadelphia — from sheet metal and PCB design to how we get the motors to turn the flaps. This allows us to offer a wide variety of sizes and customizations while maintaining the highest levels of quality control. Your display will be shipped directly to you – ready for on site assembly.


    Temporary installation?

    Have a temporary event, trade show, popup, or activation? We also rent a Picture Flap Displays for daily, weekly, and monthly use. These are perfect for adding an analog touch and attracting conference goers to your booth!

    Change images on your schedule

    Every flap can be printed with a different image or text. Perfect for fitting the best items for this season’s catalog. Up to thirty high-resolution images can be printed across the entire display or a single image can be printed on each individual module to form a collage. So, go ahead, get creative!


    The Facts


    Global Shipping

    We ship worldwide! With experience in international shipping, we’ll ensure that the display arrives ready to go.



    Picture Flap is completely modular meaning the 1×1 units can be combined in any orientation.


    Replaceable flaps

    When you’re ready for collateral changes, no problem! Flaps can be replaced to update the images on the display.

    How it works

    The Display has a web app for messaging so you can send your custom messages manually or autonomously. The web app was built from the ground up with the Picture Flap in mind, so each of the thousands of parts work in harmony once you press “Send” on your message.


    Quick Messages

    Send a single screen with the touch of a button directly to Picture Flap using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any device with a web browser.

    Create a schedule

    Using the web app, you can program messages to run on a schedule throughout the day or even all day! With this, you can set it and forget it, the display will know to rotate through the screens you set in place. You can create and save any number of scheduled messages.


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