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Picture Flap uses retro analog technology – turning the page past digital displays. Each sign is built to order and printed with your desired images providing you with a one-of-a-kind installation. Our Picture Flap Displays are modularly designed in 12-inch units that can combine to create any layout or orientation that best suits your space. Grabbing attention in retail spaces, art galleries, offices, and hotel lobbies just got easier.


Picture Flap in Action

Designed and Built in Philadelphia

Every Picture Flap Display is built by hand for your specific project. Oat Foundry’s team of engineers designed the Picture Flap in our shop in Philadelphia, from locally sourced sheet metal and PCB design to the mesmerizing analog function. This allows us to offer a wide variety of sizes and customizations while maintaining the highest levels of quality control. Your display will be shipped directly to you, ready for on-site assembly.


Industry Examples

Offices & Lobbies

Sports & Stadiums

Art & Museums


Every Single Sign is Completely Unique


Curating Imagery

The possibilities are endless with our Picture Flap Displays. We have worked with a range of industries – each use is special in its own way. How will you use Picture Flap? Check out our step by step guide to curating your art files to get your creative juices flowing!

Artboard Styles

Individual Module

Show one large visual across all of your modules. This looks great on any sign size and grabs attention.


Mix and match a few different images together on one artboard. Treat your modules as dividers to put two images next to each other, or divide your sign in quarters to display four different photos.

Hero Image

Each module can have its own stand-alone image. Several clients have used this to show the same object in different colors or display completely unique imagery.

High-Quality Printing

Each flap in your Picture Flap sign is 100% unique, which is why we have them digitally printed. We take your high-resolution artwork layouts (see the Layouts section above for examples). Our team divides those artboards across the modules of your sign, then in half again, to create the split of each module. The art is printed front and back, on ​​a sheet of plastic substrate, then die-cut to the precise measurements of our flap design. Once received, these flaps are placed by hand, one by one into your sign for testing before it ships to you.


Controlled with any device

Each Picture Flap includes our latest WebApp operation software that is customized to your specific art and display orientation. Our team of Software Engineers built the WebApp to ensure the usability and function of each Picture Flap is seamless for our clients. The software is easily accessible through any desktop or mobile device – all you need to do is hit send and experience what Picture Flap has to offer.

Check Your Set

Create a custom sequence of your images on WebApp. This provides users with an easy way to see all available images right in the app rather than flipping the board through each image.

Picture Flap Analog display

View Your Queue

You can easily view upcoming art using our WebApp right on your phone, tablet, laptop, or any device with a web browser.

Create a schedule

Using the WebApp, you can program images to run on a schedule that matches yours. Picture Flap will rotate through the images as you’ve selected them. You can create and save any number of custom schedules.

Custom Animations

Picture Flap has the ability to flip through images using different transitions. Users can choose from a number of animations such as the basic Left to Right or more complex animations like Matrix and Snake Down.


A LEED Friendly Signage Option

Our Picture Flap Displays are a sustainable, eco-friendly signage solution crafted from locally sourced, recycled materials, setting them apart from other display alternatives. Designed to stand the test of time, Picture Flaps offer exceptional longevity. Picture Flap is never a black mirror like a powered down TV – it’s always displaying your imagery even when powered off. With a Picture Flap Display, you can always impress with captivating visuals, making it an ideal choice for signage aimed at achieving LEED certification.


Swapping Art 

Our Picture Flap Displays are customizable, even when you have them installed in your space. Updated portfolio? New product line? Replace your existing flaps for a brand new set to have a fully refreshed sign with all new content. Recycle those old flaps! Our clients typically swap out their artwork every six months or once per year.




Module Size

We offer one module size:

12 x 12 x 9″

20 Flaps



Displays have a Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet port and connect to a router. It can be accessed via the local wifi network or via a nano router that generates a local signal.



Displays are typically built in any number of columns (across) and rows (down) but can also be oriented in other polygonal shapes like a plus sign or pyramid.



Displays operate on 110-220V power depending on the size. Displays can also accommodate international standards.


Custom Flaps

Each flap is digitally printed on rigid plastic with your choice of high-resolution images. If you decide to update the images on your flaps, the old flaps are recyclable.



Displays can be installed on a wall or from a freestanding mount. They can also be recessed into walls or placed into frames.


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