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At Oat Foundry, we understand what it’s like to be faced with tough engineering problems because we have developed our own technologies. We have a wide range of engineering specialties in-house to help scale up your technology and production. We’re here to help you with your engineering needs.

Our Engineering Capabilities

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Software & Hardware development

Oat Foundry manages software and hardware development projects using an Agile Process — allowing for more flexibility and a final product that fits real business needs. We suggest generating a ‘mini-scope’ for each sprint in this process.

Electrical Design

Oat Foundry develops custom circuits, beginning with breadboards and ending with fully tested, branded, printed circuit boards. We work with Raspberry Pis on a daily basis – Our Split Flaps are powered by them!

Automation Systems

As your business turns to automation, finding the right equipment can be a struggle. Our team has experience developing custom systems using pre-existing technology in the marketplace. Our team can provide peace of mind in knowing that you’re buying the right tool for the job and if it doesn’t exist, we’ll build it for you.


Experimental prototyping takes place during each of the mechanical, electrical, and software design phases. Prototypes are often used to test the integration of subsystems that span multiple disciplines. We follow a lean ‘Build, Test, Learn’ methodology to iterate as fast as possible.

Our Specialties

Automation in Cannabis

We pull from a range of knowledge acquired while working on packaging brewing, and custom machinery design projects. Our team has experience working with rapidly growing cannabis processing and production companies. Whether you are looking to produce more edibles, automate production, or have a patented tech you’d like to expand, we can help.
Click below to learn more about our capabilities in the cannabis space.

Automating the Brewing Process

We love to drink coffee and we have experience brewing it – tons of it! We’ve worked with rapidly growing coffee companies to expand their technology and can do the same for you. We partnered with BKON to build an automated brewing machine that produces cold brew coffee 100x more efficiently. Click below to learn more about the BKON STORM project.

Making Brewing more Efficient

Since the early days, engineers at Oat Foundry have been avid homebrewers. We have expanded that knowledge into working with rapidly expanding craft beverage companies. Whether you are building new technology to revolutionize the industry or looking for engineering advice on brewing automation equipment, we can help.

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Josh is Oat Foundry’s head of business development and will work with you on the first consultation to understand the current road map for growth. If you have any questions about working with Oat Foundry or want to say hi, schedule a call!

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We worked with BKON to scale up output production on their patented cold brew technology by 100x – also making the process more efficient!

I was impressed with Oat Foundry’s ability to come up with a solution just by the variety of core competencies that they have in-house.

Dean Vastardis, CEO BKON

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At Oat Foundry, we treat your projects and products like they are our own. . We have a wide range of engineering specialties in-house to help scale up your technology and production needs. We’re here to work with you from ideation to installation.
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