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Brands, Companies, and Entrepreneurs come to Oat Foundry with problems they need to solve. We’re a company that helps solve those problems by designing and building machines. When vendors in the space make you conform to their products, we’re here to design custom solutions for your business.

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You focus on the business, we’ll focus on the tech. 

dean vastardis

Dean Vastardis


I was impressed with Oat Foundry’s ability to come up with a solution due to the variety of core competencies they have in-house. It makes such a significant difference to have everything in-house and having a constant direct line of communications with their team.


Industrial Design

Mechanical Design

Electrical Design

Process Improvement


Metal Working


Rapid Prototyping


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We love building cool stuff, and we’d love it even more to build some of that cool stuff for you! If you’re in the Philadelphia-New York-DC area, stop by our shop anytime, or let us know and we’ll come visit you. Not in the area? Drop us a line or email us and we’ll get right back to you as soon as we finish up this weld.


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