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Oat Foundry serves as a local expert in computer programming. If you’ve started a computer programming project that’s out of your scope, we can step in to help you bring the plan to fruition. Companies have utilized our computer programming capabilities to assist in the development of:

  • Programmable Logic Controls

  • Industrial and Commercial Arduino Code

  • IOT Device Communication Protocols

We’ve become known for building cool stuff. Let us help you create the next coolest thing, whether you have a great idea but lack the equipment to produce it or you’ve already started production and you’ve hit a road block – Oat Foundry can help develop the solution with sound programming to support it.

We have worked closely with a number of individuals and businesses who have worked on projects that became larger than their individual capability. From staging to refining your initial ideas to creating and executing a game plan, Oat Foundry has the capabilities to design and build your project with programming integrated from the ground up.

Check out some of the machining and metal working projects we’ve worked on previously:


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